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It’s your scheduled meetings

The cutting edge scheduling software for you and your teams

Good choice
for individuals

keen on their time.”

Sarah Jennings
Marketing Manager

“The new scheduling software seems to me an invaluable asset in the recruiting toolkit.”

Joshua Lee
HR Specialist

“Scheduling meetings online with Wellpin surprised me.
The tool for productivity-focused teams.”

Tyler Kim
Product Manager

“Wellpin simplifies setting lessons as a good scheduling assistant. Like it`s pin-pin!”

Emma Carlson

Smarter scheduling
is available
for everyone


Simplify your planning and accomplish more


Coordinate with your teams properly


Let students book lessons for you


Schedule interviews with candidates in one link and enhance your hiring efficiency


Streamline your scheduling to focus on delivering expert solutions

Forget about messages


Making scheduling
a breeze

Share your
meeting availability

Sync with your calendars
and video apps

Choose your suitable
meetings duration

Set all meetings
within one link

Start in
3 minutes
or less

Create your link

Set time availability

Connect calendars

Connect video apps

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How much should I pay for Wellpin?

Wellpin is the web scheduling assistant that’s freely available to all users. Unlike others, we won’t lock useful settings and integrations behind a paywall.

Is Wellpin suitable for small business?

Can I schedule a Zoom meeting with Wellpin?

How can I sync my Google Calendar with Wellpin?

How many calendar connections can I have?